Medical tourism is rising as a result of patient’s willingness to travel for various medical services, including bariatric surgery. We can attest to the excellent reputation that Dr. Tamer Abdelbaki has earned as a compassionate and skilled weight loss surgeon. Thanks to his stellar reputation combined with his high client satisfaction rate, patients from around the globe travel to Dr Tamer for weight Loss surgery.

Support/Online Resources
We provide an excellent experience that is convenient and stress free for both pre-surgery preparation and aftercare experience. Aftercare is maintained across multiple online platforms, that makes communication robust and as easy as a click away.
Dr Tamer provides free pre-surgery phone consults as well as online video calls. After your surgery, you will be connected directly to Dr Tamer’s team as well as Dr Tamer’s online contacts. You will be assigned one of our coordinator as well as one of our surgical team member direct contacts. They will be able to provide 24/7 support before your arrival and during your whole length of stay. You will also be assigned a designated driver that will be responsible for all your ground transport between airport-hospital-hotel.

Egypt “The Cradle of Civilization”
Owing to the advanced medication and surgery protocol that Dr Tamer and his team use, recovery after surgery can be smooth and swift. Most of our patients are able to go shopping, explore the city and go on tours as early as three days after surgery.
Alexandria and Cairo are exciting cities filled with so much to see and do — the perfect place to celebrate the start of your new, healthier life!

Please contact our coordinator for booking

International Travel Plan

International packages are inclusive of 3 nights (the night of arrival and two nights after surgery) at the hospital, all consults, pre-operation laboratory tests and X-rays, the surgery, and discharge medications. It is usually recommended that your whole stay would be around 4-6 days.

Hotel stay after hospital discharge are not included in the package, however, it is optional and most of our patients usually choose to stay for two nights before travel. Nightly rates usually range between £45-68 per night at 4 stars hotels, or £90-230 per night for 5-7 stars hotels.

A private car and a designated driver will be responsible for all your ground transportation between airport, hospital, and hotel. Before your arrival we will send you the driver’s name, contacts, car model and color. Our drivers go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and safety during your travel.

Booking Process

Submit your health questionnaire to get approved for surgery.

In certain situations, Dr Tamer might request a Pre-surgery Online/Phone consult (you are eligible to request a consult should you need one).

Once you are approved, we will start the booking process. You will send us the requested weeks or month that you are available for travel. Based on our schedule we will provide you with a “Surgery Day”. You should be looking to fly one day before the provided “Surgery Day”

Airports/Arrival process

You should be looking at flying into Alexandria International Borg El-Arab Airport (HBE) 30-40 min away from the hospital. When searching for flights try to avoid flying on Thursday as we don’t operate on Fridays. Flights usually arrive late at night or in the early hours of the following day, your surgery is always scheduled on the following day. (e.g. Fly in on Monday arrive either Monday night or Tuesday in the early am, surgery will be on Tuesday morning or noon)

Your primary destination airport is Alexandria International Borg El-Arab Airport (HBE) : For airlines, you have two options, Turkish airlines flying with a stopover at Istanbul then directly into Alexandria International Borg El-Arab Airport (HBE), or Egypt Air flying into Cairo International Airport (CAI) and then taking a domestic flight to Alexandria International Borg El-Arab Airport (HBE).
Alternatively, you can take any airline (Egyptair/Britishairways/Italian etc..) into Cairo International Airport (CAI) then we can arrange for a private car pick up and drop off from Cairo airport to hospital. It is a 3-hour ride from the airport to hospital. (it is complimentary) (NB. When choosing this travel plan try to pick flights that arrive earlier than 9 pm "If flights are available".

A designated driver (his name/contacts as well as car model/color will be sent) will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign that has your name and our logo. He will take you directly to the hospital and won’t leave until you are all checked into the hospital.

Hospital Admission

After hospital admission special laboratory investigations will be withdrawn. X-rays are usually booked on the following morning together with an ECG.

Before your travel day we will provide you with your “Presurgery instructions” which include when to fast. After your labs are drawn you will be asked to sleep and have some rest. Your surgery will be scheduled in the morning or noon of the following day. As soon as you wake up you can have your morning shower. Housekeeping will come in to provide you with all in room necessities. Moreover, IT will stop by your room to get you connected to the internet.

One of our surgical team members will see you in the morning and conduct a full physical examination together with all consultations. This will then be followed with the completion of all paperwork and consent signing. Afterwards, Dr Tamer will see you for the final consult. Following your surgery, you will spend another two nights at the hospital and get discharged at noon of the following day. During your stay you will be looked after by our surgical team and monitored by our registered nurses round the clock. During your stay you will be directly connected to our surgical team coordinator (Dr Nierra- contacts will be provided) She will be on standby for you 24/7 were you would be able to message her at anytime should you need any kind of help during your whole stay in Egypt.

Finally, after hospital discharge some patients chose to fly directly from the hospital after the two nights stay. In this case we will extend your stay from noon till midnight as the flights are usually in the early am of the following morning. Alternatively, most of our patients stay at a hotel for one or two nights then fly out. In both scenarios a designated driver will be responsible to take you to your hotel and take you back to the airport on your travel day.